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Nothing Has Ever Been Done Like This Before!

Sure you can find many parts of our app as a single stand alone app, but you will never find, as to this date, an app that has over 30 different apps in one place and ALL geared towards hospitality service industry workers!

A perfect app for the best industry workers in the world!

We think pretty highly of you all as we have a combine total of 35 years in the industry!  –  The whole “Made By Service Industry People For Service Industry People” is true.


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Must Have App For Hospitality Service Industry Workers

We could go on and on about how you need this app if your in the service industry, but there is so much involved as a helping & fun tool for before shift, during shift, and after shift that you’ll need to find how it’s best for you.  Work & Fun is to be found here!

1 Small Example Scenario:  Prior to shift check the traffic or for current wrecks, check the weather forecast to be in the know, skim through you favorite news channel or trash news to be “in the know” for extra customer conversation.  Then jump over to the DeJour section to grab the Joke, Shot, Meme, Fact, Cocktail, Quote, Bar Trick, and much more “Of The Day”.   Find local entertainment for the night, check out the top 10 movies, and on and on of what you can go and do!

This is just a very small example of a couple things to do prior to work or just your everyday life!  When you start moving around this app, you’ll see many benefits for yourself and your customers before, during, and after your shift. Great for increasing tips and being able to take pride in knowing what is going for customers now, friends after, or yourself just to unwind!  Chat to other service industry people right from the app after a shift or find a Hook Up for service industry workers only for the night.

Something For Everyone Has Been Added!

Made By Service Industry Workers ~ For Service Industry Workers

Just as you see in the title!  Between the two of us, we have racked up over 35 years experience in the service industry!  From washing dishes in our younger years to running multi-million dollar clubs, bars, and restaurants.

The service industry is and always will be a part of our lives!

Customized City To City And GPS Based

Looking for a band to go see tonight?  Live & Local will show you closest place to go based on GPS.

Looking for a restaurant or bar?  WELP or The Hook Up will show you closest place to go based on GPS.

Been out all night and need something to put in the stomach?  Late Night Eats will show you closest place to go based on GPS.

Anything you needing to find within this app is going to show you based on where your standing.  If that’s not the area you want to look, then we have made sure to add in the option to search based on zip code, city, or the thing you looking for!

Your Welcome.


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Behind the app

Keith Holman

Keith Holman

Managing Partner

Justin Reese
Justin Reese

Justin Reese

Managing Partner

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